The Experience

We're driven by the beat!

At Garage Cycle we ride to the beat.
Why? Riding to the beat trains your mind to naturally engage your body and makes the workout feel fun and not like a “grind”.

What to expect

You can expect BIG climbs, mini mountains, intervals, races, and chases that are all designed to push you to excel and improve with every ride.

The foundation of each workout is the BEAT. Once you get spinning to the beat it will come naturally to you and your workouts will feel instinctive.

Class Flow & Pace

  1. Warmup
  2. 5-6 working songs on the first side with a cardio peak
  3. Break to gather your strength for the back side
  4. 4-6 working songs on the back side with a second cardio peak
  5. Cool down and flush your muscles
  6. Stretches off the bike

Workouts are created with purposefully selected music that is expertly paired to every second of the workout.
Let the beat drive your feet!

Rainbow line Garage Cycle

Why will you LOVE Garage Cycle?

  • HUGE fitness improvements. You get stronger with every class. You quickly build strength and momentum that you won’t want to give up.
  • ESCAPE your daily grind. The outside world is gone and it’s just rainbow darkness, pumped up music, and your bike. The positive energy is electric – you breathe it in and push it out as you ramp up your personal power.
  • WELCOMING environment you feel good in. Everyone is accepted at Garage Cycle – no judgment, no unwanted comparisons, just a positive place to push yourself alongside great people who love to spin to the beat and feel strong.
When booking your appointment click on redeem coupon and use "FIRSTCLASS" for a $5 class!

“The BEST Spin class! Instructors know their stuff, keep classes fun and motivated and I’m absolutely hooked! They design classes to move through a wide variety of conditioning (hills, sprints, speed) and it’s easy to follow - to the tempo of their ever changing playlists! They offer shoes, aromatherapy cool-down towels, and so much more. Definitely worth checking out!” - Ronnie

“The best spin classes I have ever been too by far! I can't say enough praise for Raina and Shaye...they motivate and inspire you to work your hardest every single time! I come out of class knowing I did my absolute best...and the exercise high lasts for hours.” - Chris

“Upbeat, positive, and let you work to your skill level while encouraging you to push to a higher limit. Comfortable, clean and very fun environment!” - Stacey

“Garage cycle is the best spin class I’ve ever attended! The environment is incredible and the workout is absolute fire!
This is my favourite form of exercise and Shaye and Raina will make sure you see results ! Try them out you won’t regret it !!.” - Shayla

“I cannot say enough about Garage Cycle Spin Studio, Raina, Shaye and Kyja the Instructors. Since I began going there in 2019, they have convinced me I am strong and I can push my body in a healthy way; for strength, wellness, and a positive attitude. AND ITS FUN! Music is always great, playlists are changed up regularly, the studio is clean and a great cool temperature, lights are fun and funky, and cold towels at the end of a sweaty class are the best! Seriously, I never thought I would be a regular at something like this but it is a game-changer - I would be lost without attending my beloved Spin with Raina, Shaye and Kyja! Go try it - you won't be sorry. Thank you and LET'S GO!” - Thaylin

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